Ready to help your pre-k teachers feel less overwhelmed with classroom management?  

How about giving them practical tools that build a strong foundation of emotional regulation and kindness.

Pre-K teachers report their classrooms to be more calm, focused, kind, and safe. 


Invest in a sustainable

 social-emotional learning program

for your Pre-K community

If you follow the program as designed and don't see results, we will work with your program personally until you reach your goals.

What our teachers say about us.

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Our program is well-organized and easy to implement. Teachers are busy, we promise, this program is accesisble and supportive.

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Engaged Students

Students love the visual materials and practice tools. The discussion guides engage the group in meaningful discussion and learning.

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Impact on Children & Teachers

Students and teachers build important skills through experiential learning and practical tools that have long-term impacts.


 "One student would often become frustrated and have big reactions. I noticed her taking breaths and being mindful of her feelings. She is navigating her emotions much better now."

- Pre-K Teacher

"I feel Kind Mind was a huge benefit to the children's learning environment. I feel like it helped create a safe and loving classroom."

- Pre-K Teacher

What's included in the program:

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Kind Mind Resilience Framework

🌟 Resilience Framework is our foundational method that will help teachers build a community of compassion and resilience with simple, hands-on tools with their students. These tools are shipped to each teacher and available as digital downloads to share with families

🌟 12+ online video tutorials, practice tools, and journals for students to embody emotional regulation skills that will last a lifetime

🌟 Tools and activities to share with caregivers and families

An image of Pre-K SEL Curriculum Online portal

SEL Curriculum - online portal 

🌟 Self-paced tutorials, training, lesson plans, and peer discussion guides (earn CEUs)

🌟 20 + lessons & discussion guides - each lesson includes:

            🌟 Video tutorial for teachers (3-10 minutes)

            🌟 Lesson/discussion guide for students (15-20 minutes)

            🌟 Journals and reflection prompts (5-10 minutes)

            🌟 Practical Tools (audio collection, mindfulness tools, guided visualizations, movement exercises, and more!)

🌟 15+ Bonus Activities to build resilience - perfect for short transitions and brain breaks

🌟 Home Connections materials - to share with and engage caregivers

An image of a virtual session for Professional Development Workshop

Professional Development

🌟Online video tutorials and activities for each lesson topic to build the teacher's understanding of all content before it is brought to the students

🌟 Professional learning pod framework and peer group discussion guides

🌟 Three live Q&A sessions with Kind Mind each school year (scheduled upon request)

A image of Kind Mind's Certification of Completion and Progress Report

Administrative Support

🌟 Quarterly Progress Reports to review teacher progress

🌟 Grant teachers CEUs for implementing the program and working through the online professional learning 

🌟 SEL Assessment Tool - teacher and student-level tools available to measure SEL skills and build personalized plans, and see the program impact over time

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Professional Development:

An image of a teacher talking to her students.

How to Build Emotional Resilience In Your Classroom

An image of three children meditating.

Emotional Regulation Tools & Mindfulness

An image of a teacher talking to her students.

Compassion & Conflict Resolution

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Purpose, Self-Compassion, & Boundaries

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Learn how students, teachers, and parents are benefitting from Kind Mind's SEL Curriculum

4-year old child

"Kind Mind teaches me how to breathe."

7-year old child

"Kind Mind helps me share my feelings. I remind my parents to take a deep breath."

8-year old child

"I feel brave when I ask my parents for help."

2nd Grade Student

"Kind Mind teaches me that I am loved." 

Pre-K Student

"I did breathing at home when I was sad and couldn't stop crying." 

2nd Grade student's journal reflection the after Compassion Lesson.

"My heart feels better." 

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