Providing a social-emotional
learning curriculum
for elementary-aged children
across the United States




Lee Sowles, MPH

Founder and Executive Director

Kind Mind was built on a foundation of Lee’s personal journey in building self-awareness, emotional regulation, and resilience. With a background in early childhood development, public health, and public service, Lee had the vision to build a program for schools that would mitigate, and even prevent, the mental health epidemic facing our nation. Lee’s deep commitment to service, inclusion, and compassion are at the forefront of everything we create.

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For Elementary Schools

Nurture compassion and resilience in your school community with our easy-to-use SEL curriculum that has a real impact.

School Curricula
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For Educators

Teachers need a simple approach to SEL. We have developed toolkits that promote SEL and resilience in 5 minutes or less. 

Classroom Toolkits
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For Families

Our self-paced courses offer short, engaging videos and materials to help your family feel more connected and resilient.

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Learn how students, teachers, and parents are benefitting from Kind Mind's SEL Curriculum

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4-year old child

"Kind Mind teaches me how to breathe."

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7-year old child

"Kind Mind helps me share my feelings. I remind my parents to take a deep breath."

Drawing of a child with a yellow background.

8-year old child

"I feel brave when I ask my parents for help."

2nd Grade Student

"Kind Mind teaches me that I am loved." 

Pre-K Student

"I did breathing at home when I was sad and couldn't stop crying." 

2nd Grade student's journal reflection the after Compassion Lesson.

"My heart feels better." 

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We love helping teachers build resilience

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"I have been implementing the Kind Mind curriculum in my Pre-K (4-5yr olds) classroom for about 3 months now. My students and I love the activities, lessons, and recorded audio. I find students checking in with how they are feeling more often, labeling them and using strategies learned through Kind Mind to control strong emotions. I would highly recommend using the Kind Mind curriculum in your classroom."

"This has been such a beautiful contribution to our school community. The materials are consistent, easy to roll out, offers the perfect space for kids to explore their feelings and themselves and provides the teachers with the tools to hold that space. Its been such a win win this year for all of us. Cant wait to continue our collaboration!"


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For Elementary Schools

Learn more about our carefully crafted Social Emotional Learning Curriculum geared toward helping children grow into compassionate and resilient young adults. With a variety of packages available, our easy-to-use SEL curricula have something for every community.

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For Educators

Social-Emotional Learning is for educators as well as students. Join our educator community and build inner resilience, plus gain access to tools that support a more calm, focused, kind, and safe learning environment for all students.

Get Your Classroom Toolkits
Photo of a teacher participating in SEL activities with her class.
Image of a family of four hugging each other and smiling while on a boat.

For Families

We are about teaching connection, not perfection. Your children learn by watching and feeling. So much emotional learning happens at home. Build resilience alongside your children with our courses and toolkits designed specifically to be used together, as a family. 

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