Our collaborators and contributing partners are here to ensure that every aspect of our Social Emotional Learning Curriculum is held to the highest standards.

Photo of children sitting on the floor in a classroom while smiling and clapping.

Lee Sowles, MPH

Founder & Creator

Kind Mind was built on a foundation of Lee’s personal journey in building self-awareness, emotional regulation, and resilience. With a background in early childhood development, public health, and public service, Lee had the vision to build a program for schools that would mitigate, and even prevent, the mental health epidemic facing our nation. Lee’s deep commitment to service, inclusion, and compassion are at the forefront of everything we create.   

  • Master of Public Health 2013, Northeastern University
  • Mindful Schools 2017
  • Applied Compassion Training 2019-2020, Stanford University


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Photo of Founder and Executive Director of Kind Mind, Lee Sowles
Photo of Erica Marcus, Mindfulness Educator and Collaborative Author. Marcus stands outside in a denim shirt with green trees and grass in the background.

Kim Powell, CM, CBA

Partner, Director, Marketing & Communications

Ready for Next

Kim enjoys the opportunity to engage with people genuinely interested in making a positive difference in the lives of others, individually and at scale. Using her 25 plus years of experience as a communications professional, Kim helps businesses define their market, differentiate themselves and build their brand. Kim uses a solutions-based approach ensures effective marketing communications to achieve business goals.

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Czean Dante

Digital Marketing Manager & Technical Assistance Specialist

With an eye for digital design and comprehensive training in digital marketing and web management, Czean charges Kind Mind’s website and social media management. Czean is highly organized and kind-hearted and our work is possible because of the talent she brings. 

Photo of Czean Dante, who offers Digital Marketing and Operational Support. Dante smiles outside while wearing a patterned red shirt.
Photo of Erica Marcus, Mindfulness Educator and Collaborative Author. Marcus stands outside in a denim shirt with green trees and grass in the background.

Tory Cousino 

Sales Representative

Tory has been a classroom educator for the last 8 years and is very passionate about social emotional learning in the classroom. She enjoys connecting with individuals about the importance of adding social emotional learning to the classroom to serve the whole child.

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Dr. Robert Bruce Thompson, Ph.D

Collaborative Evaluation Projects

Research Director, Professor of Psychology

Dr. Robert Bruce Thompson (Bruce) is a research psychologist and faculty member in the Department of Psychology at the University of Southern Maine, where he teaches developmental psychology. He also serves on the Board of Directors for The Children’s Center of Portland.  His research and teaching interests are in cognitive and linguistic development in early childhood, with a primary focus on metacognitive reasoning and social-cognitive development. 

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Photo of Dr. Robert Bruce Thompson, Professor of Psychology. Dr. Thompson is wearing a plaid shirt and books can be seen in the background.
Photo of Sabrina Volante, Graphics Designer. Volante stands in front of a fence that has flowers on it while wearing a floral dress and a jean jacket.

Sabrina Volante

Graphic Designer

Sabrina brings her creative skills and calm spirit to Kind Mind’s beautifully crafted materials. With our trauma-sensitive approach, soft edges, and inclusive design, we have developed imagery that entices children and adults alike. 

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Erica Marcus 

Contributing Author: Technology Lessons

Mindfulness Educator, Author

Erica brings her mindfulness and education expertise, in addition to her specialized work in mindfulness and technology to Kind Mind. Erica is a contributing author in Kind Mind’s curricula lessons with a specific approach to building awareness around the impacts of technology.

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Photo of Erica Marcus, Mindfulness Educator and Collaborative Author. Marcus stands outside in a denim shirt with green trees and grass in the background.
Photo of Michaela DiGionvittorio, Illustrator. DiGionvittorio smiles outside while wearing a light pink dress.

Michaela DiGionvittorio


Michaela’s artistic ability warms the hearts of children and adults alike, with illustrations that bring life to words, for all ages. 

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