Learn how to build more connected, compassionate, and emotionally resilient children who thrive in all areas socially, behaviorally, emotionally, and academically. 


The KIND MIND Resilience Toolkit will help you build emotional resilience and compassion with practices and guides that take

5 minutes or less. 

Our research shows that classrooms that use these practices daily, saw improvement in each individual child's ability to emotionally regulate and empathize with others. 

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What's Included:

  • 12+ Practical Tools to¬†help students embody emotional regulation, compassion, and resilience¬†
  • Online course portal with¬†everything you need to get started tomorrow
  • Professional learning program to earn CEUs and nurture your own emotional resilience
  • 12+ lessons and discussion guides¬†to introduce each tool to students
  • Student Journals and prompts for reflection and enrichment
  • 15+ Bonus Activities - perfect for transitions and 10-minute¬†activities that promote SEL
  • Home Connections materials and tools to share with families
  • Digital downloads of all practice materials and activities

Kind Mind Resilience Toolkit

Resilience Toolkit for each classroom (shipped materials) for children to access healthy regulation and resilience-building tools in the classroom.

Online Portal (12-month access + renewal)

Online course portal with practice tools, lessons, and activities to build resilience and compassion in your classroom.

Is the Resilience Toolkit right for you?


Have you ever wished for an EASY way to teach your students emotional resilience? How about wanting to help kids build confidence in themselves and acceptance for one another?

If so, then the Kind Mind Resilience Toolkit is definitely for you.

Our program teaches short practice tools that build emotional resilience and kindness in only a few minutes a day. The training is built into our program with short, engaging videos that also help teachers build a foundational understanding. We also engage families with our Home Connections materials so kids can have access to all of their tools at home, too. 

Our on-demand group workshops are engaging and support teachers in building a deeper sense of self, balance, and compassion.

Photo of Founder and Executive Director of Kind Mind, Lee Sowles.

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