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From measurable results to personal stories, here’s a look at how Kind Mind is making a very real impact on kids, teachers, and schools.

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SEL Key Outcomes

Validated Tool: Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ) 

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Emotional Health

Stress and emotional distress

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Conduct Problems

Aggression and difficulty following rules

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Hyperactivity / Inattention

High energy and difficulty with focus 

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Peer Relationships

Difficulty getting along with others

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Prosocial Behavior

Kind and helpful behavior



EACH individual child showed improvement in ALL five of the social-emotional learning outcomes we measured.


These findings are part of our CASEL accreditation application and research study. 

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Emotional Difficulties 

Significant reduction in emotional distress, anxiety, and stress.

Conduct Problems

Highly significant reduction in impulsivity, aggression, and bullying.

Focus Difficulties & Self-Regulation

Highly significant reduction in ADHD symptoms (focus and self-regulation).

Total SEL Assets

Significant improvement in overall SEL, sense of belonging, peer engagement, school connectedness.

Outcomes for Teachers

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More Confident in SEL

Teachers report more confidence teaching SEL with Kind Mind

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Better Self-Care

Teachers feel more regulated and have the skills to care of their own emotional health

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Engaged in Content

The curriculum is reported to be easy to use, well-organized, and engaging


We are here to support teachers just as much as students.

 What our Teachers have to say about Kind Mind...

Highly recommended by teachers everywhere.

Why hundreds of teachers, educators, and parents love Kind Mind.


Caron Morse

Elementary Teacher

"The Kind Mind SEL curriculum gave me a consistent structure which benefits teachers, social workers, and students. Kind Mind gave me a set path to follow which has gone a long way in our school."


Aimee Wiswell

Elementary Teacher

"Kind Mind has made my learning environment more peaceful and calmer and produced kind-hearted and regulated kids. It created the perfect setting for learning and growing. I have a 100% engagement all day long!"


Heather Brown

Pre-K Teacher

"Kind Mind was such a gift to us. It supported what I think is critical with Pre-K. Kind Mind became a part of our classroom's way of being. It's definitely a foundation for our community together once we started it!"

Erica Marcus


"Kind Mind has been incredibly thoughtful and intentional in its approach to this work. They offer beautiful materials in collaboration with a local artist and have drawn effectively on the expertise of others to build a robust, heart-centered curriculum. Any school or family who adopts these materials, curriculum, and/or training will feel the care that went into it."

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A photo of kids playing in the outdoors.

Caron Morse


"This has been such a beautiful contribution to our school community. The materials are consistent, easy to roll out, offer the perfect space for kids to explore their feelings and themselves, and provide the teachers with the tools to hold that space. It's been such a win-win this year for all of us. Can't wait to continue our collaboration!"

Katherine Parker


"I have been implementing the Kind Mind curriculum in my Pre-K (4-5yr old) classroom for about 3 months. My students and I love the activities, lessons, and recorded audio. I find students checking in with how they feel more often, labeling them, and using strategies learned through Kind Mind to control strong emotions. I would highly recommend using the Kind Mind curriculum in your classroom!"

A photo of a child playing with legos.

...families love Kind Mind.

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"I love the beautiful and simple audio meditations for my 4 and 7-year-old. Provides us with an easy way to connect, calm our bodies and reset our day."

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"I found Kind Mind's toolkit engaging and learned so many tips on how to relate to my children. Having compassion is something we tend to forget when it comes to our kids. I am excited to use these new techniques!"

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"Kind Mind videos and materials are so relatable, easy to digest, and offer great strategies that we can simply use throughout the week."

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