A Social-Emotional Learning Program that is easy-to-use for teachers, engaging for students, and impactful on school communities. 

School Counselors and elementary teachers need a practical approach to SEL that is simple to implement and impactful for students, while also building a community of support for their personal growth.


With this curriculum, your community will...


  • Learn and engage in simple, daily practices that build resilience within both teachers and students.
  • Support teacher SEL skill development through online training.
  • Cultivate compassion and kindness within your community. 



What's included...

  • Lifetime access to online course/lesson portal
  • Three 1-hour on-demand PD workshops focused on resilience, compassion, and purpose
  • K - 1st Grade Lessons
  • 2nd - 5th Grade Lessons
  • Each lesson includes: 
    • Video for teacher support and context (3-10 mins)
    • Lesson / Discussion Guide
    • Practice Tool / Activity
    • Journal Page for reflection
    • Home Connections material, to engage caregivers

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Schools and teachers are asking for a simpler approach to SEL, and we delivered. If you are ready to start the journey of building resilience in your school community, schedule a free consultation with the Founder today!

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Key benefits from this curricula


  • Easy-to-use web portal walks teachers through each lesson and practice tool at their own pace. 
  • Engaging professional development to support teacher growth and understanding of SEL, for ease of implementation
  • Classroom toolkit & curriculum with lessons, videos, and short, daily practice tools that build emotional resilience.
  • Home connections materials to support children's growth at home and engage families. 

School Counselor Curriculum

"This is by far the best SEL Curriculum I've used. It's well-organized, easy to follow, and the kids are so engaged in all of the lessons and practice tools."

- Caron, School Social Worker

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Elementary Curriculum

(K-1st Grade / 2nd - 5th Grade)

"This program has made a huge impact on our classroom, I highly recommend it."

- Rebecca, 2nd Grade Teacher


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Teachers describe the toolkit to be well-organized and easy to implement, even with little time in the school day.

Engaged Students

Students love the visual materials and practice tools. The discussion guides promote sharing and compassion.

Impact On Children 

Engaging in short, daily practices, participants build self-awareness, healthy coping strategies, and resilience.

We love helping teachers build resilience

"I have been implementing the Kind Mind curriculum in my Pre-K (4-5yr olds) classroom for about 3 months now. My students and I love the activities, lessons, and recorded audio. I find students checking in with how they are feeling more often, labeling them and using strategies learned through Kind Mind to control strong emotions. I would highly recommend using the Kind Mind curriculum in your classroom."

"This has been such a beautiful contribution to our school community. The materials are consistent, easy to roll out, offers the perfect space for kids to explore their feelings and themselves and provides the teachers with the tools to hold that space. Its been such a win-win this year for all of us. Can't wait to continue our collaboration!"


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