Everything caregivers and parents need to know about helping your kids emotionally regulate and feel resilient. 




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With this course, you will learn how to


  • Help your kids emotionally regulate
  • Learn how to build emotional awareness with your kids
  • Build resilience with short, simple tools that have a big impact
  • Break unhelpful generational parenting patterns



Our program is self-paced and practical. Your course includes: 

  • Short, engaging videos to educate you (parents) first
  • Printer-friendly and simple emotional regulation tools
  • Resilience-building activities that you can easily build into your daily routine
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Parents Education

We teach parents and caregivers first so you can model for your kids.

"I found Kind Mind's toolkit engaging and learned so many tips on how to relate to my children. I am excited to use these new techniques!" 
- Parent 
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Easy to use, self-paced, and lifetime access to online course portal and materials. 

"Kind Mind videos and materials are so relatable, easy to digest, and offer great strategies that we can simply use throughout the week."
- Parent
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Emotionally Resilient Kids

Simple and impactful emotional regulation tools that you can print at home.

"Kind Mind taught me how to love and belief in myself."
"Kind Mind taught me how to breathe."
- 4 & 7 year old children

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Parents need a simple approach to social-emotional learning. If you are ready to start the journey of building resilience within yourself and with your children, start with this toolkit today! 

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Key benefits from this Activity Kit


  • Easy-to-use web portal walks you through each topic, activity, and practice tool at your own pace. 
  • Emotional regulation tools to develop emotional awareness and resilience with ease.
  • Engaging activities that children and adults love. Digital downloads with each activity act as visual cues to remind you what to do in moments of chaos, overwhelm, and trigger.   
  • Guided Audio Collection that introduce mindfulness and compassion practices for all ages. Great for the drive to school and bedtime!

Parents report Kind Mind toolkits to be engaging, easy to use, and impactful on their personal and family resilience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Get your Family Toolkit

Parents need a simpler approach to social-emotional learning, and we delivered. If you are ready to start the journey of building resilience within yourself and with your children, start with this toolkit today!

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