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Having a sense of purpose helps us feel whole. The funny thing is, we are all born with so much purpose. Our existence alone is purposeful, but this can feel clouded based on expectations of how we “should” live our lives. This week we talk about what it means to live with purpose, how to restore our sense of purpose, and how to nurture children’s sense of purpose and mattering. 




Purpose can be the reason why we are doing something, or it could be a feeling of determination. The beauty of children is that they live with such purpose naturally if we allow them the space to just be who they are, rather than force things, activities, and even friendships upon them. We can watch them gravitate towards certain activities, people, or ways of moving through the world and learn more about who they are. 


The pressures of society, conforming, and living up to certain expectations are what derail us from our sense of purpose. 


So why do we do this? Especially when science tells us that,


“Individuals with a strong sense of purpose tend to live longer, have healthier hearts, and are more psychologically resilient.” 

- Sarah Greenberg (read the FULL article)


I feel like I am a living example of this. I feel differently now than I have my whole life prior. I feel more resilient, aware, and happy overall…even when life feels hard. Why? Because I found my sense of purpose and followed it, I let it guide me towards the work I am doing now. Even when I fail at this, I keep going because it fills a part of me that I couldn’t bear to live without. 


My goal is to support TEACHERS, PARENTS, and CHILDREN in accessing and maintaining a sense of purpose, so they can overcome burnout, and conformity, and feel resilient. 


This week I am sharing one lesson in our program free to all blog subscribers, our Purpose Lesson + Journal page - Visit the blog page to access this lesson and engage your students and children in a discussion around the importance of living with purpose. 


This week, practice uncovering your purpose by taking a few minutes every day to journal or think about what makes you happy. Try to witness this same joy in your children and/or students. 

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