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Bullying is a serious problem in our schools and our culture as a whole. At the root of bullying is a deep sense of disconnection from yourself. This CAN lead to fear of losing control (racism, sexism, other forms of oppression), not feeling good enough or like you belong, and an inability to really connect with people on a human level. 


The thing is, kindness and compassion are human nature. If we can foster this in school communities (children, teachers, school staff, and families), it will grow. 




Bullying is when people aim to harm, intimidate, or coerce someone who is perceived as vulnerable. There is a lot of talk in schools about enforcing rules and policies around bullying, but what about getting to the root of the problem? 


What if we shift our focus to cultivating a culture of kindness and compassion (within OURSELVES and with others), as opposed to enforcement of rules. I am a firm believer that with this shift in focus, time, and attention, our school communities can irradicate bullying. This shift has to be part of social and emotional learning, and it is not about checking a box, it is a shift in culture. 


When we learn how to connect to our feelings, we can easily relate to how other people feel.  When we feel safe, seen, and heard, NO MATTER WHAT OUR BEHAVIORS ARE, we want to give that same feeling to the people around us. 


This week start cultivating compassion within yourself. When you notice SELF-harm (negative self-talk, lack of self-care, etc.), use these practice resources to build self-compassion.


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