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Teacher Appreciation

Teacher Appreciation

Appreciation is a practice that transforms relationships. It can also transform your perspective of something, by focusing on what you appreciate rather than what is wrong. This week is all about showing appreciation for our teachers. And if you are a teacher, taking time to appreciate yourself and your vital role in our world. 


Teacher Appreciation


If you are a teacher, take a few moments to hear my appreciation for each of you. 

  • I appreciate how teachers persevere through exhaustion, for the greater good of our children. 
  • I appreciate how teachers show their patience, love, and care for our youngest minds and future. 
  • I appreciate how teachers take on huge responsibilities and toggle competing demands. 
  • I appreciate how teachers sacrifice so much free time, personal space, and privacy for our families.
  • I appreciate how teachers are committed to serving our community.  


If you are a teacher, take a few moments and write down things that you value about yourself, your role, and how you show up for your students every single day. This is NOT about perfection, this is about acknowledging all that you bring on the good days and the bad. You can take it a step further and write down appreciations for other teachers in your world who inspire you. 


This week take time to write down all that you appreciate about the educators in your life. Take it one step further and share it with them.

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