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Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome

Have you heard of imposter syndrome? When suddenly you have a moment of self-doubt, caving inward, maybe even cringing and questioning yourself, “who am I to be doing this?” TRUTH - You ARE enough.  This week we explore the idea of imposter syndrome and how to overcome it. 


Imposter Syndrome


This example of self-doubt is relatable for most people, and it is one of those mind tricks that keeps people in their shells, not living in a way that feels purposeful.  We can live with moments of imposter syndrome and also remind ourselves of ALL THAT WE ARE, and recognize the very important role we play in the world. 


Kind Mind is built on a foundation of compassion, and two of the principles help to build this self-recognition. One is humility; when we recognize how limitless we are as humans, while also understanding our many limitations and areas to grow. The second is inner strengths; how we recognize and celebrate our strengths, our gifts, and our goodness. When we can do this for ourselves, it becomes impossible not to see the goodness in all people. 


I want children to grow up believing in themselves. I want them to be able to recognize moments of self-doubt and be able to remind themselves that they are important in so many ways. Kind Mind’s Resilience Toolkit is foundational to classroom teachers being able to slowly cultivate these skills and beliefs throughout the school year, and while the change feels subtle, the transformation is huge and lifelong. 


This week, BELIEVE in yourself. Remember that YOU MATTER. The world needs you. 

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