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Compassion In Action

Compassion In Action

We are coming into a time of year when giving, needs and wants are prevalent. We can use this opportunity to cultivate compassion in very meaningful ways with our children and students. Compassion is when we recognize the suffering of another person/people and take action to relieve that suffering. This week’s blog is all about one way you can cultivate compassion within your family and classroom. Heads up, we are gifting a free toolkit to help! 


Compassion In Action 


I spent 15 months in the first-ever Applied Compassion Training with Standford University’s CCARE. We dove deep into the principles of compassion and I became more emotionally stable and healthy, resilient, and self-aware. I use these teachings in everything that I do with schools, teachers, students, and families because my mission is to cultivate and nurture seeds of compassion one person at a time. I believe from the bottom of my heart that this is the way towards healing our world from the inside out. And there is growing research to back my vision. 


One of the main things I learned is that the action part of compassion is often simply being present and listening to someone who needs to feel heard. Listening deeply is a skill that we need to build. We are mostly taught how to defend ourselves so we don’t get into trouble as kids. We learn to fight to feel heard. All of these things condition us away from empathy and listening with presence.  


This week I want to share one piece of my Resilience Toolkit with you, to help nurture compassionate communication and the skill of listening in your classroom and at home. 


> > Download this free Listening Toolkit  < <


Benefits: When we nurture healthy and compassionate communication through conflict and disagreement. We build resilience.


This week download our free Listening Toolkit to help resolve conflict by hearing one another, finding acceptance, and nurturing compassionate communication. These skills will last a lifetime. 


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