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Compassion taught me how to have a deeper connection and understanding of my authentic self. What a gift. After living with intense anxiety and insecurities most of my life, I am now living with more purpose and confidence. It’s not that insecurities don’t exist, they are always there, but now I can notice them for what they are, self-judgment and not facts. If this isn’t self-awareness at its core, I’m not sure what is. This week, we dive into one principle of compassion that helps to build this strong sense of self-awareness and self-love. 




In teaching and parenting, there is so much information about what steps to take and the “right” thing to say so we can develop happy and healthy children. We all want to do the very best for our kids and students, but I find when I work too hard to follow all of the guidelines, I lose a sense of my authenticity and that true connection that is always the right first step. 


Why is connection always right? Because kids feel it in their bodies. We all feel a true connection in our bodies. And what does this feeling do? It soothes our nervous systems and helps us feel safe, seen, and heard. 


Authentic connection is so much more powerful than saying the perfect thing. Human connection is amazing in this way. 


One of the fundamental principles of compassion is humility. Humility reminds us that we are limited, as humans. There is liberation in knowing this, especially if you tend toward perfectionism. 


Humility also tells us that while we are limited, we are also totally unlimited in the unique gifts we bring to the world. We are all special and full of value. Humility helps us uncover this inner sense of purpose.  


Here are a few simple tips to cultivate your authenticity: 

  1. Be vulnerable - sharing your thoughts and feelings is courageous, it is a way of connecting with others who are feeling the same way
  2. Take space from technology - social media evokes a lot of emotions and can distract us from who we are and what we truly feel
  3. No more blame - instead, try self-reflecting  


This week, cultivate an authentic connection with yourself and with your students. Find yourself, be yourself. The world needs you.

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