Engaging, interactive on-demand workshops to support social-emotional learning and bring tools into your classroom and daily routine.

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Kind Mind Compassion Workshop Series

THREE 1-hour on-demand Professional Development Workshops.

Choose from an individual license or one for your school. Ideal for Childcare Providers, Pre-K Teachers, and Elementary Educators. Topics include: 1. Emotional Resilience    2. Compassion and Self-Compassion   3. Restore Your Sense of Purpose

Build and maintain emotionally regulated, focused, and kind classrooms.

Cultivate self-awareness, compassion, and resilience in you and your students.

Reconnect with your sense of purpose and establish healthy boundaries.

Engage students in conflict resolution and compassionate listening.

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The results are in, and here is what teachers have to say.


  • 75% of participants reported topic to be very interesting 
  • 71%  found the presentation style very dynamic
  • 86% of participants felt they gained knowledge that will benefit their work
  • The majority of participants found the workshop engaging and informative, and felt that they gained practical knowledge that they can apply in their teaching environments.

✔️ Regain your energy and personal identity as a teacher.

✔️ Make compassion and empathy the basis for your classroom interactions.

✔️ Feel a renewed sense of accomplishment when supporting your students.

✔️ Support your students build and enhance their self-regulation skills.

✔️ Learn and discover intuitive, age-appropriate SEL tools and resources.

✔️ Renew your commitment to SEL being common practice in your classroom.


There is a better, easier way to teach and role-model SEL, complete with practices, tools and resources that have a real impact. 


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Engaging. Interactive. Transformative. 

Easy-to-use web portal with immediate, lifetime access to these on-demand workshops. You can re-visit anytime. 

Three 1-hour workshops with engaging content to build resilience, compassion, and purpose in yourself and your students.

Printable slides so you can participate and be present, allowing you to easily transfer what you learn to your classroom.

Certificate of completion for each workshop, to earn up to three hours of Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

As a State-Approved Training, Maine early care and education and out-of-school-time professionals who complete the Compassion Workshop Series may apply those training hours toward:


⭐ Licensing's annual training requirements

Career Lattice Advancement

⭐ Support a program's star rating in Rising Stars for Maine

Highly recommended by teachers everywhere.

Here's why hundreds of teachers love Kind Mind.

“The content is interesting, engaging, and has given me many easy and useful tools I use daily with my students.

- Hannah, Teacher

“I love it all! The actionable content helped me feel more confident bringing the tools into the classroom.

- Arria, Teacher

“By far the best workshop I have done so far! I loved Lee, her composure, calmness and presence is amazing.

- Elzbieta, Teacher

Ready for the Kind Mind approach that gets you results?

Recenter Your Energy

Whether you’re looking to recapture your passion for teaching or help manage your classroom better, the Kind Mind workshops engage teachers in deepening your SEL awareness. Incorporate easy-to-use tools to help build calm, kind, focused, and safe classrooms.

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Feel Confident and Empowered

Confidently transform yourself at the same time as you transform your classroom, one student at a time. Kind Mind workshops empower teachers with engaging content and practical tools to help you and your students embody SEL skills and resilience.

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Impact Your Students 

Help you and your students reduce anxiety and stress plus feel more focused and regulated while fostering a strong sense of belonging at school. Kind Mind’s evidence-based framework is shared in the workshops and helps children and teachers feel resilient.

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