A toolkit that helps teachers build resilient classrooms with an easy-to-use program that children love.

Did you know that 1 in every 4 children in the US is living with anxiety and/or depression? No wonder teachers are burning out, because you don't always have the tools to manage classroom behaviors and help these children feel successful.

Teachers need a practical approach to SEL that is simple for them to implement and impactful for student.

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With this toolkit, you will learn how to


  • Build resilience within yourself and with your students, with simple tools that take 5 minutes or less
  • Develop social-emotional skills within yourself, so you can model SEL for your students. 
  • Practice mindfulness and how to introduce it to your students. 
  • Use daily affirmations to build positive classroom culture and an inner strengths mindset. 
  • Cultivate compassion and kindness within your classroom. 



Our program is self-paced and practical. We engage students and teachers in practicing with tools and activities, in order to learn and develop. We have created the structure for you to teach SEL in a way that feels authentic to you and your students.

Building SEL and resilience into your school day can be simple. The key ingredients to our toolkits are;

  • short daily practices,
  • discussion guides that engage curiosity, conversation, and reflection, and
  • a structure that allows you to hold space for your class to explore SEL topics in more depth as the year goes on.


Teachers describe the toolkit to be well-organized and easy to implement, even with little time in the school day.

"I feel Kind Mind was a huge benefit to the children's learning environment. I feel like it helped create a safe and loving classroom."
- Teacher

Engages Students

Students love the visual materials and practice tools. The discussion guides promote vulnerable sharing, which builds compassion as a group.

"The students are very engaged in the lessons and practice tools. I have supplemented Kind Mind instead of other SEL curricula."
- Teacher

Impacts Children 

By engaging in short, daily practices, participants build self-awareness and resilience.

"One student would often become frustrated and have big reactions. I noticed her taking breaths and being mindful of her feelings. She is navigating her emotions much better now."
- Teacher

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Teachers are asking for a simpler approach to SEL and we delivered. If you are ready to start the journey of building resilience within yourself and with your students,  start with this toolkit today!

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Key benefits from this toolkit


  • Easy-to-use web portal walks you through each lesson and practice tool at your own pace. 
  • Short videos for teachers to develop SEL skills and resilience both personally and professionally. 
  • Classroom toolkit display and printed materials shipped to your door. Our display helps to organize the tools and acts as visual cues to remind you and the students to keep practicing, together. 
  • Home connections materials, to support children's growth at home and to engage families. 
  • 12-month access to the web portal and all digital content including videos, discussion guides, activity kits, student journals, Guided Audio Collection, Guided Visualizations, Moments of Calm, and so much more!

Teachers report Kind Mind classrooms to be more calm, focused, kind, and safe learning environments.

Our toolkit gives you a structured guide to help build SEL into everyday activities, in a way that feels authentic to you and your classroom. 

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