Photo of three young girls smiling. Text reads, “Women’s History Month. March 20, 2022.”

Women’s History Month

This week I am feeling inspired by the emotional charge and strength of women. Women’s History Month is a time to:

  • Celebrate stories of the past that paved the way
  • Support women who continue to nurture our world today
  • And envision a future where people are treated as people, no matter how they identify

Women’s History Month

A few things I love about the women in my life: 

  1. Compassionate connection and LISTENING to one another
  2. Shared VULNERABILITY, without fear of rejection or judgment
  3. The courage to be EMOTIONAL … need I say more? 

Women, especially mothers, have taught me that all of these qualities and connections help to build my own resilience. When I can vent to a friend about things that feel really hard, and they just listen, I always feel relief. When I can open up about what is bothering me or guilt that I carry, the more connected I feel and the more open the other person becomes. When I can express my emotions freely and be met with validation, not judgment, I feel strong and powerful. 

All of these things I have learned from women. All of these things have helped me build resilience during the hardest times in my life. All of these lessons have nurtured my soul, so I can in turn nurture others without feeling burnt out. And all of these connections and lessons have helped me shape what  Kind Mind is today. I have so many women and mothers to thank. 

This week, get inspired by women in your life. Which women in your life inspire you and why? What do you value about these women? How have these inspirations helped you evolve as a person?  



This week’s practice: 

  1. Bring to mind one woman in your life who has helped shaped you as a person. 
  2. What was it about them that made you want to be a better version of yourself? 
  3. Write them a thank-you note expressing your gratitude (give it to them or keep it for yourself).
In the classroom & at home: 
  1. Watch this STORY CORPS Video of one story celebrating one woman, OR share a personal story about a woman who inspires you. 
  2. Invite the students/children to write or draw about one woman in their life that they appreciate and why. 
  3. Share the stories and pictures together.

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