Photo of two young children in winter coats sitting on the ground and playing with shovels in the dirt. Text reads, “Winter to Spring. April 3, 2022.”

Winter to Spring

This week, I wanted to feature a guest author and creative collaborator with Kind Mind, Sarah Carlson. Sarah taught in public schools for 31 years and her contribution to our Classroom Resilience Kit brings a sense of connection and inner peace to children and teachers. 

With a passion for bringing mindfulness into education, Sarah has created "Poetic Mindful Moments" that combine her love of the natural world with soothing imagery and are designed to enhance awareness and connection for students, teachers, and families.

Your Own Light 

by Sarah Carlson

I love winter here in Maine. The beauty of snow, the challenge of keeping warm, the enjoyment of skiing, snowshoeing, hiking in the great outdoors. The amount of daylight is short in the time leading up to the Winter Solstice and in the weeks that follow. And then comes February, when the sunlight starts to lengthen and you can feel its warmth a bit more deeply. What a great time of year to honor your own light, allow yourself to fully feel it within, and more and more let it shine.

I thought of this practice with the help of my 15-month-old grandson. I had him out for a sled ride on a crisp, sunny day recently. As we headed back up a hill, he instinctively closed his eyes and turned his face toward the sun, a gentle smile spreading across his sweet face.

This week, use Sara’s beautiful poem (Your Own Light) to find a moment of calm and connection with yourself and your little ones.



This week’s practice, for everyone:  

  1. Depending upon where you live, you might try this practice outside. If not, you can use your imagination as you do it inside.
  2. Outside - pick a time when the sun is shining. Turn your face to it with your eyes closed. (Remember to never look directly at the sun with your eyes open). Feel the warmth on your face as you take some mindful breaths. Pause for a few moments to honor your own light within and remember how important it is to let it shine out into the wider world.
  3. Inside - Do the same, but use your imagination and drift back to a time when the sun was shining on you.
  4. Use this poem and visual to do a short mindfulness practice - Your Own Light
  5. As the days lengthen take some time to notice, breathe, allow your own light to widen.

NOTE: You can find Sarah’s books here (Currents of Quiet & Radiance of Change)


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