Photo of children lighting candles for the holidays. Text reads, “Winter Solstice. December 26, 2021.”

Winter Solstice​

In Maine, winter can feel long and dark.  It can feel hard to find energy and joy once the shuffle of the holiday season is over, especially if you have an aversion to cold and dark. Winter Solstice is a time to celebrate the return of light. I like to celebrate INNER light.  

Inner Light

Inner light sounds spiritual, and I am a spiritual person, but you don’t have to follow certain beliefs to celebrate your inner light. 

“The meaning of inner light is a divine presence held (as in Quaker doctrine) to enlighten and guide the soul.” - Merriam Webster Dictionary

We all have intuition, but we become detached from listening to it with our logical approach to life. Intuition, or that gut feeling, is so important to tune into. When I started listening to my intuition, I began to shed fears and insecurities that kept me in a cycle of people-pleasing, struggling to set boundaries, and not living with real purpose. I was stuck in a shadow of self-doubt, which still tries to suck me in. 

I think most parents and teachers (and humans in general!) can relate to this feeling. When we notice our children and/or students struggling in some way, we blame ourselves and tell ourselves it’s something WE did or didn’t do. 

Finding your inner light and intuitive sense not only helps each of us live with more purpose, but it also helps us share our special gifts with the world. We can let go of logic and let our intuition guide the way. 

  • Each of us is special. 
  • Each of us has something incredible to share. 

When we, adults, can find this within ourselves, it becomes so natural to bring these strengths out in children. We can see more clearly when they are living in a shadow and need extra help seeing themselves for exactly who they are in all of their gifts. 

Kind Mind’s Activity Kit for Resilience and SEL Curricula help to foster this within children, and adults. 

Imagine a world where everyone lives with purpose and believes in themselves. And we all believe in one another and support each other, and learn from one another. My dream come true! 

This week, practice finding your inner light. The practices below can help you find them if you feel stuck in your shadow.



This week’s practice: 

  1. Tune into your gut feelings this week. It may take a little extra connection to your body, so a morning meditation (FREE audio) can help. 
  2. If your gut tells you to say, “no” to an obligation or request, practice saying “no” and see how that feels. Notice guilt
  3. If your gut tells you to try something new, even if it doesn’t seem to seem logical, go for it! This is how incredible things happen. 
In the classroom & at home: 
  1. Ask your children and/or students to sit quietly for a few minutes each morning this week. 
  2. Guide them to feel their breath moving and notice how their bodies feel. (Note: our Guided Audio Collection has had a wonderful response from participants so far, as young as Pre-K!). 
  3. Have the children take a few minutes to draw or write about how they feel and any special hopes they have for the day. 

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