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Showing Appreciation

Showing Appreciation

Yes, it’s Mother’s Day. While I am a mother myself, and I have a mother and grandmother, and I have many beautiful friends who are mothers, I don’t want to limit this week’s blog to only celebrating mothers. In many ways, these days can feel exclusive and painful to many people, and I am sensitive to that every year. This week, I share a simple practice that is for everyone, regardless of motherhood. 


Mother’s Day


Kind Mind is all about building inclusive, supportive, and accepting classroom communities. And while it is important to recognize and honor motherhood, I also want to practice compassion and acknowledge anyone who finds this day a painful reminder of a complicated relationship, a loss, or a missing piece.  


This week, instead of offering a practice specific to mothers, I would simply like to remind everyone to show appreciation for someone or something (a human, a pet, a place that brings you comfort) in their life who supports and nurtures you in some way, big or small.


This week, show your appreciation for someone or something (a human, a pet, a special place) who nurtures and supports you.

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