Photo of a boy with his hand over his chest, practicing SEL activities in a classroom. Text reads, “Relief from Suffering. March 6, 2022.”

Relief From Suffering

War has a way of reminding us what it is to be human and to work together to relieve the suffering of people. Our innate COMPASSION comes alive. 

Compassion is recognizing suffering in ourselves and in others and taking action to relieve that suffering. 


Relief From Suffering

Right now, we are all feeling the suffering of Ukraine. But what can we do to help relieve the suffering of the Ukrainian people? When I feel overwhelmed by suffering and sadness, I use this practice to send love out to the world. 

It may sound silly to some, but there is research behind these practices of sending loving energy out to the world and the impact it has. Worry causes more stress and limits our ability to take action. When we can support our own anxiety, we can find clarity in how we are able to help relieve others’ suffering. 

This week, practice sending loving thoughts and strength to the Ukrainian people.



This week’s practice: 

Use these guided audio gifts to practice sending loving-kindness to the world. 


Sending Loving-Kindness Practices (6 yrs+) 

Sending Loving-Kindness Practice (3-6 yrs) 


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