Photo of a child in rain boots standing in mud. Text reads, “Purpose. January 23, 2022.”


Martin Luther King Jr. inspired this post.

Having a sense of purpose helps us feel whole.  The funny thing is, our existence alone is purposeful, but we can become clouded based on expectations of how we “should” live our lives. 


Purpose can be the reason why we do something, or it could be a feeling of determination that we have. The beauty of children is that they live with purpose naturally if we allow them the space to just be who they are. We can watch them gravitate towards certain activities, people, or ways of moving through the world. We can learn so much from them if we open our eyes. 

The pressures of society, conforming, and living up to certain expectations is what derails us from our purpose. 

Why do we do this? Especially when science tells us that;

“Individuals with a strong sense of purpose tend to live longer, have healthier hearts, and are more psychologically resilient.”- Sarah Greenberg (read the FULL article)

I feel like I am a living example of this. I feel differently now than I have my whole life. I feel more resilient, aware, and happy overall…even when life feels really, really hard. And believe me, I am not one of those people whose life looks or feels perfect in terms of parenting, my relationships, and my inner struggles. 

My goal is to support both TEACHERS and CHILDREN access and maintain a sense of purpose, so they can overcome burnout, conformity, and feel resilient. The world needs you! 

This week, practice uncovering your purpose by taking a few minutes every day to journal or think about what makes you happy, and erasing the word "SHOULD" from your vocabulary. 

Try to witness joy in your children and/or students. Notice what they are doing when they are most excited.



This week’s practice: 

  1. Notice when you say "SHOULD" to yourself this week and replace it with "COULD". 
  2. Take a few minutes every day this week to journal or think about what brings you joy. 
  3. Try to create a practice around this, picking a time and doing it every day (I personally love the morning when the house is still quiet with my cup of coffee).
  4. Notice how you feel during the week when you prioritize projects that make you HAPPY and let go of the rest. 

BONUS: Ask for help with the tasks that drain you. 

In the classroom & at home: 
  1. Notice when you use the word "SHOULD" with children. Replace it with "COULD". 
  2. Access FREE Purpose Lesson + Journal page - engage your students and/or children in this lesson and open discussion around the importance of living with purpose.

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