Photo of a child making the peace sign with both hands Text reads, “Peace & Justice. January 16, 2022.”

Peace & Justice​

One huge applause and thank you to Dr. Lucretia Berry for this engaging and important message about the power children have on a more equitable future (watch video). When I think about Martin Luther King Jr. and how to celebrate his legacy of peace and justice with my own children, Lucretia’s message resonates deeply. 


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Peace and Justice


When I was growing up I learned about MLK, but I didn’t take time on the actual holiday to celebrate his legacy. Since I began studying mindfulness and compassion more deeply and then became a mother, I recognized the importance of paying real reverence on these “days off”. Not just seeing them as a day to do whatever, but as a day to honor history and people who paved the way to a better future. But, these conversations can’t only happen these days. 


As I wrote about a few weeks ago, my core values are family, compassion, and service. These guide me every day, so building conversations about race and equity, peace, and justice needs to happen all the time. As Lucretia talks about, children are ready to ask real questions take it all in and we need to be prepared and comfortable having real conversations about race and skin tone. 


This week’s practice (you, at home, and in the classroom): 


  1. Listen to MLK’s “I have a dream” speech
  2. Write down your dream, as inspired by MLK’s speech 

Go Deeper:

  1. Decide if anti-racism work is a priority for you and your children/students.
  2. If the answer is “yes”, set some goals that feel doable, not so overwhelming that you do nothing (see Ideas & Resources below)

Ideas & Resources: 

  1. READ adult books - Here’s one GUIDE 
  2. Read children’s books - Here is one WEBSITE
  3. Take online courses - Here are a few: Brownicity & Shine Bright School
  4. Support LOCAL Black-owned businesses - Here’s a WEBSITE to look some up!
  5. Practice with Kind Mind's Guided Audio Collection - in collaboration with Kamilah Majied.


This week, be intentional with how you celebrate MLK Jr. Day and how you want to honor this leader’s legacy throughout the year, not only on this day.

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