Image of a mother holding her son. Text reads, “Mother’s Day. May 8th, 2022,” in white letters.

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is such a bitter-sweet time for me. I love that we honor mothers and our role in the world, which is so so special. And I also feel that there can be a lot of pressure on everyone around Mother’s Day. 


For children, it is a day where oftentimes we expect a little less responsibility and more space to rest. This can be really hard for kids who live in a family where they are used to their moms always being there and meeting their needs. And can end in whining, cranky kids, and partners feeling confused or frustrated. 


For moms, myself included, I can sometimes have high expectations and notice feelings of disappointment, and even irritation,  if I’m not able to have the rest or space that I might need. It’s a drastic shift for just one day. 


Mother’s Day 


When I first noticed these expectations and dynamics around Mother’s Day, I made a commitment to slowly work towards a more consistent balance between responsibilities, roles, and TIME for myself. This shift in our family has made Mother’s Day feel better for me. I don’t feel the need to fit everything into A SINGLE DAY, anymore. I can do something special if I want to.  And I can make time more regularly to do the things that fill me up. The pressure is OFF.


Coming out of COVID, I forgot about so many things that I love to do because they weren’t options. Now, I am getting my groove back. Here are a few simple things that I am working to build back into my regular routine, that make me feel whole: 


  1. Going to dinner with friends
  2. Getting a massage
  3. Taking walks with girlfriends during the work day
  4. Meditating and breathwork
  5. Exercise! And also squeeze in 20 minutes for the sauna at the end, as extra motivation
  6. Traveling! This is so exciting for me and such a huge part of who I am


For those of you who also feel some pressure, sadness, or disappointment on Mother’s Day, you are not alone. I invite you to remind yourself that, just like you, other people also feel this way on Mother’s Day. 


And then, you can think about what really fills you up, and make a commitment to weave those things into your routine. It takes the pressure off and it has helped me personally, enjoy this special day, and all of my days, so much more. 


P.S. You don’t need to be a mother to do these things and honor yourself


This week, make a list of all the things you love to do, big and small. Try to weave at least one of these things into your monthly routine and see how you feel.

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