A young toddler is outside, playing with a magnifying glass. Text reads,

Keep Growing

Having a growth mindset helps us navigate challenges without feeling like if we fail, that is the end and we need to give up.  Easier said than done, especially if you are repeatedly told that you need to be different, act differently, or behave differently from how you naturally are. 

But we can nurture a growth mindset in children now, so they understand that they have the power from within to continue to evolve, to persevere, and to follow their purpose. 

Keep Growing 

Unfortunately, many of us grow up being constantly corrected, asked to “behave”, or told to do things in a different way. When kids get this feedback, they stop wanting to be “wrong” and they stop challenging themselves, for fear of failure. They start seeking approval. They want to please others, before themselves. 

We tend to have high expectations of kids, usually passed down from our parents and teachers, and really society as a whole. We don’t need to blame, but we can change. 

Here are some things that can help you and your children and/or students build a growth mindset: 

  • Praise practice and effort, not outcomes (for yourself, too!)
  • Don’t shut down laughter! Laughter improves memory
  • Build emotional awareness and acceptance
  • Be curious and encourage curiosity
  • Set morning intentions - how do you want to show up today?

Developing a growth mindset takes some work, and is a privilege for many.  We all have the ability to challenge ourselves and believe in ourselves. We all can learn that even when we fail at something, that does not mean that WE are a failure. We all have a purpose in this world, and we are here to share that purpose. 


This week, write down (or say to yourself) your intention for the day, how do you want to show up today?  


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