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Honoring Women

Honoring Women


Women’s History Month piggybacks Black History Month, and I came upon a powerful podcast about an author, Anna Malaika Tubbs, as she explores three mothers who raised the extraordinary men who shaped American history. This perspective was a powerful one for me, both as a mother and a woman, in thinking about the untold stories of so many women who inspire and raise change makers and humans in general. This week we explore the role of women in the world and resilience.


Honoring Women 


Often, when we talk about Women’s History Month we celebrate women who were leaders, who took great risks, and who impacted change throughout the history of our nation. What we don’t often celebrate and explore are the women’s stories who raised these powerful humans. These are the untold stories, and I appreciate Anna Malaika Tubbs’ book and interest in sharing these beautiful stories of the mothers who raised Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, and James Baldwin. 


These women were not necessarily quiet leaders, but historically, women were forced to make choices that sacrificed their own work and ideas, in an effort to impact change for the greater cause. And these women’s stories of suffering and incredible strength are what inspired these three men, instilled values of love and equality, and ultimately impacted the civil rights movement profoundly.   


Women are teachers, mothers, and partners, and are often playing a critical role in shaping our children, our economy, and our future. We bring a perspective that is needed in this world, although not always valued and not always praised. 


This month, I encourage you to consider the untold stories of the women who raised and are raising, our nation's change-makers. Find inspiration from them as you move through your day-to-day tasks that often feel mundane or unimportant. Your choices all matter.  Your work matters. Your impact is significant. You too are inspiring the future. 


This week, find inspiration from the women behind our great change makers. And recognize the quiet power behind the women who support you every day, in ways big and small.


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