Photo of a family of four smiling at each other on a boat. Text reads

Happy Birthday!

This week marks my 38th birthday (June 27th). I love birthdays, even more so now that I have children. Celebrating their being here woke me up to how special it is that we celebrate each of us being here. We all bring something special to this place called Earth and a birthday is a perfect time to express excitement and pride in who we are. 


Happy Birthday 


I am keeping things short and sweet this week. I am in Hawaii with my beautiful family. I am unplugged from work (I wrote this weeks ago so I could really disconnect). I am likely reflecting on where I am now, what I have left behind and outgrown, and what more I want to offer during my time here. Even though it may not be your birthday, you can do this same reflection and see where it takes you. 


 This week, reflect on the present, past, and future. What are your hopes and dreams and how can you make them happen during your time here.

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