Photo of a boy with a superhero cape and mask on while he looks at the ceiling. Text reads, “Growth Mindset. October 10, 2021.”

Growth Mindset

Having a growth mindset helps us navigate challenges without feeling like if we fail, that is the end and we need to give up.  Easier said than done, especially if you are repeatedly told you need to be different, act different, or behave differently. 

Unfortunately, as children grow they are constantly corrected, asked to “behave”, or told to do things in a different way. When kids get this feedback, they stop wanting to be “wrong” and they stop challenging themselves, for fear of failure

This was me, and I notice when I do it to my own kids.  We tend to have HIGH expectations, usually passed down from our parents, which were passed down from their parents, and so the story goes. We don’t need to blame, but we can change

So, you can see how having a growth mindset takes some work, and is a privilege for many.  We all have the ability to challenge ourselves, believe in ourselves, fail, and still be proud of ourselves, but it does take practice. I developed my growth mindset as an adult, and it is serving me well these days! 

This week, let’s practice building our growth mindsets.



This week's practice:

In the classroom: 


  • MODEL (see table above) growth mindset.
  • Use daily affirmations to instill a sense of confidence and belief in oneself.  


At home: 


  • MODEL (see table above) growth mindset.
  • Use daily affirmations to instill a sense of confidence and belief in oneself.
  • Praise hard work and effort, rather than end product or results.



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