Photo of a pink paper heart that is being held up to the sky. Text reads, “Gratitude to Teachers. April 24th, 2022,” in white letters.

Gratitude to Teachers

Spring is in the air and I am feeling a lot of gratitude for teachers right now. They have nurtured my children through a tough few years, and have made it look EASY, although I know it hasn’t been. They have had to pivot, learn new ways of teaching, and manage their own stress and concern about their students, which they all carry. 

Teachers, young, old, seasoned, and fresh, all bring a love of children to their profession….that alone needs to be recognized as one of the most valuable traits in our society and world. 

We NEED teachers to feel appreciated and supported. A few things I have learned over the years from working with teachers and finding ways to better support them. 

  1. They don’t all take vacations when our kids on break. 
  2. They don’t start and end their school day when our kids are at school. 
  3. They put so much thought and care into how they will manage a classroom with 15+ children, let alone actually guiding them through a curriculum! 
  4. AND they need to meet the never-ending external demands of parents, administration and keep an organized classroom. 

All of these things, and so much more, go into the thoughtful role of a teacher. 

Next month we celebrate Teacher Appreciation, but to gear us up I wanted to give a little shout-out and express my deep gratitude for ALL that our teachers do, that MOST of us don’t see. 

So, thank you. For taking such care in nurturing our little ones. 


This week, find a simple way to show thanks to a teacher (and if you ARE a teacher, find a simple way to appreciate yourself!). Get your kids involved, have them think about ways they appreciate their teachers.

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