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Freedom & Fatherhood

This week we honor freedom and fatherhood. Juneteenth is the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States. Fathers Day happens to fall on the same day, so this week we honor freedom and fatherhood. 


When I think of what it means to feel alive, I think of freedom. When I ask my kids the question, “when did you feel most alive today” over dinner, they usually share a story about jumping from a high rock or soaring through the air before summersaulting on the ground. Their stories scream freedom.


Freedom & Fatherhood


Freedom is a privilege, unfortunately. And while we celebrate African American freedom on Juneteenth, in so many ways people who have been oppressed are still not free. The historical and generational trauma of slavery continues to plague people and our nation as a whole.


Many of us are evolving as we learn more about the history of race and freedom in our country, and this evolution requires effort. This effort requires sacrifice in order for true freedom and equity to become our reality. Not everyone is willing to sacrifice, yet. My hope is that with a movement toward cultivating compassion in our world, the shift will be inevitable. It will be the only way to move forward because we will all see suffering and feel compelled to take action to relieve it. 


Okay, this might feel like a stretch, but I also want to honor dads out there. Fatherhood for many represents protection, love, sacrifice, and freedom. Many fathers and father figures are the reason we have the freedoms we have, today. Today we can celebrate the resiliency, love, and strength that it is to be a father in America. And we can especially honor the courage and strength it takes to be a Black father in America.  


Today, take time to honor both freedom and fatherhood. Look for ways to educate yourself about the freedoms you have and pay gratitude to those who sacrificed for those freedoms. Take time to reflect and seek opportunities to evolve and plan for a better future where freedom is NOT a privilege, but just is. 


This week, take time to reflect on your personal freedoms and thank those who made them possible for you. Take it one step further and reflect on how you can evolve and sacrifice for someone else’s freedom.

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