Photo of hands holding a plant in soil. A butterfly sits on the plant. Text reads, “Earth Day. April 17, 2022,” in white letters.

Earth Day

Earth Day is a time to honor and celebrate our amazing earth. Last week, we talked about how we get so many healing benefits from connecting with the earth and just breathing in fresh air. The earth's natural properties are healing physically and emotionally, and if we connect with nature we build resilience. 

This practice of celebrating the earth comes from our beautiful Indigenous People.  Their teachings of reverence to the earth and interconnectedness to all creatures has so much to teach us, especially now. We need to follow their lead in the way Tribal Communities continue to sacrifice so much in order to save the earth. 

Without the Earth, where are any of us? 

Earth Day

Thinking about our planet and the direction we are headed is overwhelming. I feel inspired by younger generations, by tribal communities, and by those who consider the earth every single day. 

Let’s help inspire our kids to see the earth for what it is. Our home, the reason we have fresh air, clean water, wood for our homes and furniture, maple syrup for our pancakes, and so much more. Find little ways to make the connection between the earth and you, and find one way to give back to the earth…not just on Earth Day, but every day.. 

Here are some ideas: 

  • Leaving things that are growing, in the ground
  • Not peeling bark off the trees - they are homes to bugs, after all!
  • Turn off the water when you aren’t using it (brushing your teeth)
  • Think about 
    • where you buy your clothes
    • how you use plastics
  • Find new ways to re-use materials - kids have great ideas about this!
  • Grow a garden or plant something!
  • Take time to pick up garbage when you see it. 

This week, practice giving gratitude to the earth a little bit every day and see if it inspires you to take better care of the earth in your daily routine. 



This week’s practice: 

  1. Choose one way you can change your daily routine to be more thoughtful of the earth
  2. Take a moment every day to express gratitude for the earth
In the classroom & at home: 
  1. Brainstorm all the ways you are grateful for the earth and all that it provides for us
  2. Think about ways YOU can give back to the earth

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