Photo of two children sitting in a tree. Text reads, “Daylight Savings. March 13, 2022.”

Daylight Savings

Daylights Savings is a time to rest and recharge. We are losing sleep, and we all know how precious sleep is to our health and mood. Personally, if I am tired I feel SO grumpy. Who doesn’t? 

We are learning more about how daylight savings has negative impacts on our physical and mental health. It’s important this week to pay attention to our bodies' needs, our children’s needs, and to shift our daily activities to support a healthier adjustment. 

Daylight Savings

This week, I am slowing down and giving myself and my kids more time to rest, as uncomfortable as this feels. I thrive on productivity and feeling accomplished, so it takes real effort and constantly reminding myself that rest is healthy and promotes resilience. I will also allow myself to be a little grumpy and to say that out loud to my family. This offers a few lessons, especially to our little ones. 

  1. It’s okay to feel grumpy! All feelings are normal and healthy.
  2. It’s healthy to rest and be still.  
  3. It’s okay to set boundaries and say “no” if you really don’t feel like doing something.
  4. Listen to your inner compass and stay connected to your physical body.

This week, give yourself permission to slow down and rest, share your tired/grumpy feelings, and set healthy boundaries if you don’t have the energy.  



This week’s practice: 

  1. Give yourself more time to be still and rest, even if it feels uncomfortable.
  2. Share your true feelings with your family and friends, say “no” if you aren’t up for something.
  3. Take a walk in the sun and feel connected to Earth’s rhythm, rather than the clock. 
In the classroom & at home: 
  1. Set aside 5 minutes or more every day this week to allow your children/students to REST.
  2. Here are a few supportive tools for children to tune into their physical bodies and rest: 

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