Photo of an adult and child sitting on a tree branch. Text reads, “Connect to Earth. April 10, 2022.”

Connect to Earth

Being outdoors and connecting to the earth, even if it’s as simple as taking a walk and stepping outside to take a few deep breaths of fresh air, builds resilience. The awe and sense of wonder that we get from our real presence with the natural world is so healing. 


Think about yourself having an emotional meltdown. Now imagine stepping outside and looking at the sky, and just breathing. Do you feel relief? That’s the power of nature on our ability to build resilience.  


If we want to take it a step further, physical connection with the Earth (also known as “earthing”) has so many healing properties. 



Earthing is when we physically connect our bodies to the earth. While it is under-researched, there is a wide variety of evidence showing the healing effects. 


Here are a few: 


Sign me up! It’s not that hard, but we find so many ways to create barriers between our physical bodies and the natural earth. Clothes, shoes, blankets, towels. I personally, just love leaving my shoes behind all summer. My feet are always dirty, but I know it’s good for me. And it encourages my kids to go without shoes, too, so they get all those incredible benefits to their busy and active little bodies. 


Remember, connecting to the earth builds resilience and good health, why not give it a try?!


This week’s practice: 

  1. Walk barefoot
  2. Lay in the grass (if it’s not too wet!)
  3. Submerse yourself in water


In the classroom & at home: 

  1. Take a walk outside and encourage everyone to find a sit spot, a place where they just sit or lay down on the earth
  2. Encourage kids to walk barefoot in the mud, as the weather warms up


This week, find simple ways to connect your body to the earth.



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