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Boundaries Are an Act of Compassion

Boundaries Are an Act of Compassion

One of the most powerful things I have learned over the years is how to let go of people-pleasing and how to establish healthy boundaries. I have learned that practicing and developing these skills is an act of self-compassion and is necessary to feel healthy and well. And that without boundaries, there is no empathy or compassion. This week, we dive into how healthy boundaries are critical to living with compassion, increasing our happiness, and reducing burnout.  


Boundaries Are an Act of Compassion


As a highly sensitive and emotional person and someone who did not learn how to set boundaries as a kid, setting boundaries always came with a lot of guilt and worry about disappointing others. The result? Exhaustion, resentment, and feeling depleted. 


After learning how deeply important boundaries are in order to cultivate and live with compassion, I slowly untangled those old stories of pleasing others at the detriment of my own well-being and found myself setting boundaries more often, feeling more energized and joyful, and having greater capacity to support others without burning out.  


Why is this? Without caring for ourselves, how can we fully care for others? When we are depleted, how can we be present and empathetic to those around us? 


It's time we start learning how to set boundaries and acknowledge how important this skill is to teach our children, so they can avoid the burnout that comes with people-pleasing. 


This week remind yourself that it is okay to say “no” if that is what you want and need. Your feelings and needs matter and when you tune in to those needs, the people around you will benefit, too.

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