Photo of two kids wearing superhero costumes with their hands on their hips. Text reads, “Believe In Yourself. September 19, 2021.”

Believe in Yourself

Have you heard of imposter syndrome? When suddenly you have a moment of self-doubt, caving inward, maybe even cringing and questioning yourself, “who am I to be doing this?” 

This is relatable for most people, and it is one of those mind tricks that keeps people in their shells, not living in a way that feels purposeful.  We can live with moments of imposter syndrome, but also remind ourselves of ALL THAT WE ARE And recognize the very important role we play in the world. 

I struggled so much with self-doubt that I was petrified to even introduce myself in a group setting. I have witnessed my own evolution and belief in myself, and the vision of what is now Kind Mind is here because of that belief and my sense of purpose. 

I want children to grow up believing in themselves. Recognizing their moments of self-doubt, and being able to remind themselves that they are important in so many ways. Our full curriculum slowly cultivates this throughout the school year, and while it feels subtle, the transformation is huge. 

This week, BELIEVE in yourself. Remember that YOU MATTER. The world needs you. 



This week’s practice: 

  1. Notice when imposter syndrome creeps into your mind. 
  2. Recognize it as a mind trick that is based on fear. 
  3. Remind yourself that you are incredible, even if you have doubts. 

In the classroom:

  1. Notice when students are being hard on themselves.
  2. Remind them that they are gifted in so many ways and that we can’t all be perfect at everything. If we aim for perfection, we will lose ourselves trying to make other people happy. 
  3. Use our Guided Audio Collection to instill a sense of purpose and connection. 

At home: For those who struggle with their children's behavior (isn't that all of us?!)

  1. After you set a boundary or discipline your child, remind them that the behavior was not okay, but that THEY ARE STILL GOOD
  2. Separate the action from the child, so they still have a strong sense of who they are and all that makes them special. 
  3. Use our Guided Audio Collection and/or Affirmations to instill a sense of purpose and connection. 

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