Photo of two children looking at each other. Text reads, “Be Yourself. October 31, 2021.”

Be Yourself​

Halloween inspired this week’s blog. It is fun to get into costume and take on a different identity. But not so much in our everyday lives. 

Let’s think about authenticity for a minute... 

There is so much information out there about what to say in every scenario to help blossom a happy and healthy child. We all want to do the very best for our kids and students, but I find when I work too hard on remembering the “right” thing to say, I lose a sense of my authenticity. 

This authentic connection is so much more powerful than saying the perfect thing. 

This authentic connection builds attachment, safety, trust, and resilience.  

Children want to feel seen and heard, and usually, that is all we need ourselves. Human connection is pretty powerful in that way. Our kids/students want OUR message, not some other person’s script. Trust your gut, lose the scripts, and practice presence. 

This week, forget the scripts and work on presence and connection.  Just be yourself. 



This week's practice:

  1. Be authentically you! 
  2. Take 2-5 minutes a day and practice mindful breathing as a way to help slow down your mind and make the present connection more accessible. 
  3. If you lose control and say the “wrong” thing, once you recognize the mistake, just own it. Apologize and hug it out. This teaches your kids and students that it’s okay to make mistakes, it’s important to apologize, and models humility. 

BONUS CHALLENGE - leave social media content out of your way, notice if you feel more authentic in your interactions with your kids. There is no single right or wrong way. If we can connect with OURSELVES in an authentic way, we can connect and guide our kids in this same way.  They want to know the real us.

In the classroom & at home: 

  1. Same as above! Encourage your students to be themselves by being authentically YOU.  
  2. Notice the students who tend toward people-pleasing and try to acknowledge mistakes as part of learning. If we are perfect all the time, we could lose sight of our true selves. 

Book Recommendation: The Good Egg, by Jory John

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