Photo of a child holding a stick, looking up at the sky in awe. Text reads, “Awe. July 04, 2021.”


Awe builds resilience. Think about a time when you hear a song that gave you goosebumps. How about when you stood next to something larger than life and your stomach felt light. What about a time when you saw something so beautiful your jaw dropped.

This is the emotion of awe and when we really feel it, our bodies can grow stronger and healthier. 

The Greater Goods Science Center has done extensive research on the emotion of awe and how it heals the nervous system. We know that trauma (this can be any level of detachment from yourself and your emotions) harms the nervous system and causes illness. When we LEAN INTO the emotion of AWE, we help to heal our system and build resilience. 

Awe also helps us feel connected. It helps put things into perspective (the job or grade you didn't get, the college you didn't get into, the argument you had) and realize that we are all part of a whole. In each of these ways, AWE builds resilience. 



This week's Practice: 

  • Notice the emotion of AWE.
  • When you notice, feel into it for longer than you might otherwise. There is no rush. 
  • Seek opportunities to experience AWE (the ocean, a bug crawling across the ground, a human connection that melts your heart).

In the Classroom: 

  • Find an awe-inspiring video, music clip, or image that evokes awe and share it with your class. 
  • Teach them about how this is healing for their bodies, and encourage them to find awe in their lives. 

At Home:

  • Notice when your children feel AWED and try not to interrupt.
  • Join your child in what they are doing and experience it together (connection!). 

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